December 17, 2021

Effect of skin-pass reduction in deep-drawing operations


Effect of skin-pass reduction in deep drawing operations




Skin-pass is essential to produce cold rolled steels to remove the yield point elongation and obtain the surface quality and flatness required by customers. In this last step of the manufacturing process of cold-rolled steels, final characteristics are defined with a maximum final reduction percentage to guarantee the drawability. Due to surface and flatness requirements or unexpected problems arising within the production process, sometimes a higher skin pass percentage is applied, which can influence the mechanical and material properties.

The company needed to define the skin-pass reduction limits to fulfill drawability requirements for different steels and be able to take important production decisions affecting the final skin-pass operation in case of need.

FormPlanet test bed solution

FormPlanet applied non-standard tests to measure materials’ drawability providing deep information and knowledge to allow setting the process limits that ensure that the material will fulfil the requested characteristics, avoiding unnecessary rejections or, in the worst case, delivering troublesome material to the final customer.