December 17, 2021

Hydrogen monitoring in transport Body in White


Hydrogen monitoring in transport Body in White




High strength steels with high amount of martensite such as the Usibor2000®, are susceptible to hydrogen absorption during processing leading to the risk of delayed cracking phenomena. CRF wanted to assess the use of this material for automotive applications. To do that, hydrogen content on the raw material blanks prior to the hot stamping process and after the treatment should be measured to evaluate the safety margin compared to the critical diffusible hydrogen content for the material.

FormPlanet test bed solution

FormPlanet implemented an equipment for the monitoring of diffusible hydrogen content in a real production plant for the production of transport Body in White parts made in Usibor2000®. Measures were carried out both in raw materials and stamped components. Based on FormPlanet service results, CRF approved Usibor2000® for serial life automotive applications and declared approved the use by the FCA Product Development department for the next car models.