December 17, 2021

Cracks in AA5657H22


Cracks in AA5657H22




Aludium supplies AA5657 alloy H2X temper for cosmetic packaging applications, slitted in narrow bands to feed customers deep drawing presses. They experienced that some slitted coils produce defective pieces. The small size of the samples is an obstacle to finding the defect cause and implementing corrective actions to reduce the number of clients’ claims and internal rejections.

FormPlanet test bed solution

Miniaturised Tensile Test (MTT) were applied to obtain the local mechanical properties of the material in real parts with an insufficient amount of material available for conventional testing. This test made it possible to determine the mechanical properties – yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, uniform elongation, total plastic elongation, and reduction of the cross-sectional area – of both parts with and without cracks from three different areas of the packaging product. The results allowed Aludium to redesign its thermomechanical production process in order to prevent the occurrence of cracks in the closure parts during the forming processes.