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Wide range of innovation techniques to determine materials characteristics, novel in-process control systems and modelling

We offer a range of highly precise and reliable innovation techniques to determine and measure materials characteristics, such as mechanical properties and element compositions through advanced materials characterisation tests, novel in-process control systems and modelling approaches to predict defect formation at an early design state, as well as preventing and solving it during industrial manufacturing, covering the whole value chain.

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Services across the whole value chain

A major part of our service offering is the result of years of research by universities and technological centres willing to help the sheet metal forming industry by providing testing methods that are more cost-efficient and reliable than current ones.

All our services have been thoroughly validated and proven with industries like yours with valuable results for our clients.

Sheet material development and production

We provide new approaches for the evaluation of local damage (by micromechanics and microtomography), global and local ductility, delayed fracture, H embrittlement, crack propagation assessment (in terms of fracture toughness) and plasticity evaluation with the aim to optimise the  development and production of advanced metal sheets.

Part and forming process design

For addressing the need to design components with better performance, FormPlanet Open Innovation Test Bed offers specific tests to better describe  sheet formability and reproduce part performance in FE codes, coupling micromechanical characterisation with macroscopic tests.

Components’ production

FormPlanet offers innovative in-line monitoring techniques adapted  to the metal forming requirements to assure zero-defects production, as well as in-situ part inspection  techniques to measure relevant mechanical properties and predict part performance and durability.

Complementary services

In addition to advanced material characterisation services, FormPlanet offers a wide range of complementary services, including heat treatment, tribometry, fatigue testing, forming or vacuum melting, as well as on-demand training.

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