Micro-mechanical characterisation

Micro-mechanical characterisation

Micro-tensile tests

Micro-Tensile Tests (MTT) permit to locally assess basic tensile properties as yield stress,ultimate tensile strength, total elongation, reduction of area and uniform elongation. 

Furthermore, MTT can be used to study strain rate sensitivity in a wide range of temperatures.

These miniaturised testing techniques can be successfully applied when insufficient volume of material is available, for the development of new alloys, for the evaluation of the local mechanical properties of in-service components and as an input data in numerical simulation for advanced material modelling.

In-situ SEM microtesting

In-situ testing (tensile/compression) performed inside a SEM chamber. The in-situ test allows analysing the evolution of the microstructure when the material is subjected to an external load. Service results include the provision of the client with load-displacement or stress-strain curves and SEM images corresponding to each event of the curve. Service applicable for sheet metal up to 3mm. Execution time: 20 hours.