February 25, 2020

Edge-cracking in AA5754 H111


Edge-cracking in AA5754 H111




Edge-cracking is a common issue in aluminium forming and the development of new alloys with a purer composition to improve edge cracking resistance is needed. A more recent version of AA 5754 alloy was produced at Aludium with purer chemical composition and a special manufacturing process to improve the Edge-cracking resistance. The main hardening element, magnesium, was kept at the same level in both alloys, but the amount of iron and silicon, was reduced. The company had a needed determine the chemical composition, microstructure, mechanical properties and FLD of the new alloy and compare to the previous one.

FormPlanet test bed solution

Prediction of the edge-cracking resistance of a new aluminium alloy via the evaluation of the fracture toughness using a methodology based on the Essential Work of Fracture (EWF). Fracture toughness has proven to be the most suitable fracture parameter to predict edge cracking in high-strength metal sheets.