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Why choose FormPlanet Test Bed

Novel metal characterisation and modelling services in one-stop-shop

We offer the sheet metal forming industry advanced testing methodologies for more accurate metals characterisation, non-destructive in-process measurements and modelling for high strength sheet materials, addressing processability and quality parts issues in the sheet manufacturing sector.

Our innovative testing techniques, many of them developed in-house, limit productivity losses due to forming cracks and inaccurate quality assessment and are applicable to many industrial sectors.


A single entry point for accessing the services of leading characterisation organisations

Access to valuable technological developments

Compilation in one place of the most advanced and differentiated sheet-metal characterisation and modelling techniques by the industry in the whole value chain.

Single entry point

Wide range of services offered altogether by leading metal R&D organisations accessible across the European Union from one place.

Equality of access and conditions

Test bed services are open to all European companies, especially to SMEs, providing fair and competitive pricing conditions in all regions.

Service modularity

We offer the possibility to divide services into smaller modules to access FormPlanet services with lower risk and investment.

Integral service provision

FormPlanet full-service package covers each phase of the sheet metal forming value chain with advanced and innovative services.

Our mission

Address the industrial challenges of the sheet metal forming industry

FormPlanet is powered by Eurecat Technology Center, LETOMEC and COMTES FHT, three research entities with a solid R&D background in metal forming. 

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