In-process check systems

Punching system for quality control of materials

A method based on the instrumentalization of a punch or die tool that allows detecting the parameters required to shear the material. Once the parameters are set by using a calibration step, the system permits monitoring the material quality during the stamping process or even before doing a fast validation. The system can be easily integrated into any stamping tool without major or relevant modifications.

Acoustic emission method for structural health monitoring

Monitoring of structural integrity through the implementation of acoustic emission system. This non-destructive technique permits to locate multiple sensors on a part and monitor its health. The method allows to detect the initiation of cracks in the part once this is cyclically loaded during it utilization phase. The service includes monitoring of part performance, the calibration to detect and locate damage in a part and the relation of the detected damage with microcracks or any form of physical damage.

Advanced thermography for part integrity

Advanced thermography is used for in-situ detection of surface cracks, thinning and stretching in sheet metal forming. The localised deformation generates a temperature increment that can be measurable by thermography. Thereby, sheet thinning, necking and final fracture can be discerned by tracking the thermal pattern in the metal sheet.