Fatigue resistance

Fatigue resistance

Rapid Fatigue Test

The fatigue test, known as the stiffness method, enables accurate determination of the fatigue limit and S-N curve of materials in a fast, cost-effective, and straightforward manner, requiring only three specimens

The methodology involves monitoring fatigue damage through the evolution of plastic strain during a stepwise fatigue test. Tests can be conducted at various testing conditions and with specimen geometries, including notched and unnotched specimens. 

Damage evolution can be tracked using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to investigate fatigue damage mechanisms at the microscale.

Very High Cycle Fatigue test
at room temperature

Fatigue life characterisation of thin metal sheets and bulk material in Very High Cycle Regime (from 10.000.000 cycles). Fatigue test with a novel ultrasonic fatigue equipment at 30kHz with different load ratios (mean stress zero – fully reversed – and non-zero).

Service results include an assessment of the fatigue strength or fatigue limit estimated through SN curve or calculated with staircase methodology at very high cycle regime.