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Fostering advancement in the sheet metal forming industry

We offer integral advanced metal characterisation methodologies, non-destructive in-process measurements, and modelling approaches to assure a zero-defects production and optimise sheet material development, production, and performance.

FormPlanet Test Bed

Your innovation partner to increase productivity, improve product quality, optimise processes and cut time to market of your next sheet metal products.

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High level of competence

High-experienced researchers and engineers able to provide solutions to your industrial challenges


Experienced specialists

Our scientists and technicians bring deep academic and materials science background to meet customers highest expectations for the analysis, testing and modelling of their sheet metal materials.


Providing the sheet metals information, you need

We provide the sheet metal forming industry with innovative modelling and characterisation tests, allowing the customer to access to material performance & formability data quicker and accurately.


Innovative services validated by key companies in the sheet metal forming industry

FormPlanet Test Bed novel metal characterisation and modelling methodologies effectiveness and reliability have been validated by more than 15 industrial companies across Europe.


One of the first European Commission Open Innovation Test Beds

FormPlanet Test Bed (Open Innovation Test Bed – OITB) constitution as a commercial entity is the main result of FormPlanet project, which was funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Sheet metal characterisation, modelling and part quality assessment


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